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Anna Booher
Anna BooherFlimc Patient
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n 2012, I became very ill with a mysterious illness. The disease took over my nervous system and my spine contorted, which affected various organs. Numbness and piercing pain consumed me. I saw doctors at Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, and two specialists in Florida before finding Dr. Monhollon in February 2014.
Arthur Sawall
Arthur SawallFlimc Patient
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Dear FLMC team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to EBOO treatment. Currently I have prostate cancer treated with a radical prostatectomy in March 2020 and was undergoing SOT and dendric cell treatments due to re-occurrence with a low PSA level.
Linda Beggs
Linda BeggsFlimc Patient
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I just want to thank the expert team at Florida Integrative Medical Center for their great care. I am living life to the fullest again! I had been sick for several years and my doctors back in Michigan didn''t know what it was. Last year as we drove to Florida for the winter.
Lori B
Lori BFlimc Patient
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My name is Lori and I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme in April, 2007. After my initial diagnosis, I was fortunate to be given 2 months of Doxycycline. I went into remission until 2010 at which time, I sought the attention of a wonderful Lyme Literate professional.
Prince Mathar
Prince MatharFlimc Patient
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My name is Prince Matharu and I had been dealing with a multitude of issues including Lyme, Mold toxicity, and severe immune dysregulation and tissue degeneration before coming to FLIMC. I went from specialist to specialist including western functional medicine doctors to Chinese TCM based therapists and everything in between.
Courtney Hunter
Courtney HunterFlimc Patient
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Florida Integrative Medical Center gave me my life back. I’m not exaggerating. Before I came to FLIMC and got SOT, I was nearly bedridden. I couldn’t function and was suffering terribly from Lyme and co-infections. I was in denial that I was even sick because I’d tried treatment after treatment with no results.
BeverlyFlimc Patient
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I have had Lyme since 2009. I went to many doctors and specialists for 10 years. I had pain blocks, a muscle biopsy, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, depression and more. I finally got a Lyme diagnosis but it wasn’t CDC approved. I treated with antibiotics for 1 1/2 years and got a little better. I then found out about SOT for Lyme.
JenniferFlimc Patient
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September 2020 I woke up and was bedridden immediately, unable to walk. Every bone, every joint, every muscle was aching with level 10 pain. I was convinced I had bone cancer. I called a general practitioner and had bloodwork, after two exhausting months of them "trying" to figure out what was wrong with me-including a misdiagnosis of Lupus, Polymotsis and Sjorgen's, in addition to a negative Western Blot test, a life supply of narcotics, muscle relaxers and Prednisone prescription.
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