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Therapy for Cancer Immune Support (VAXO-Q-RE)

 • What is VAXO-Q-RE? 

VAXO-Q-RE  is a product that is developed for autologous Adoptive Cellular  Therapy. It consists of the basic  players of innate and adaptive  immunity. Briefly, macrophages and Natural Killer cells (innate immune  cells) and  activated Dendritic Cells, T cells and antibody producing  plasma cells (adaptive immune cells).

Innate immune cells are  ready to  fight any pathogen or cancer cell in an antigen independent manner,  while T cells and B cells require pre 

activation  with antigenic peptides. Activation of adaptive immune cells is  performed with dendritic cells, a type of  antigen presenting cells  (APC). All those cells can be generated from patient’s blood and then be  infused back to the  patient.  

• Action role of immune cells 

Macrophages  and Natural Killer cells can recognize and kill foreign pathogens and  cancer cells. Macrophages are  phagocytic cells and Natural Killer cells  that have the ability to eliminate cancer cells in an MHC-independent  manner.  Cytotoxic T-cells (CTLs) are activated against specific  antigens by dendritic cells and have the ability to target and kill   cancer cells expressing the specific antigen. Antibodies produced by  plasma cells, tag cancer cells and help their  recognition by phagocytes  or complement proteins leading to their subsequent destruction.  

• RGCC’s Product 

RGCCs  laboratories use patients’ isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells  as a source for the in vitro production  of VAXO-Q-RE. Macrophages and  Natural Killer cells are selected and expanded in large numbers.  Monocytes are  used as a source for the production of DCs. DCs are then  pulsed with synthesized peptides designed specifically to  mount an  immune response against tumor proteins. These peptides are selected  carefully so as to activate both T 

lymphocytes  (CTLs) as well as antibody producing cells aiming at long term memory  cells and overall protection. VAXO-Q-RE is composed of 2 doses, with one  dose containing innate immune cells (macrophages and Natural Killer   cells) and a second dose containing adaptive immune cells (CTLs and  antibody producing cells). • Administration 

VAXO-Q-RE needs to be administered in an effective way. Administration directions will be on a separate page. • Adverse events 

VAXO-Q-RE  is an autologous Adoptive Cellular Therapy and is generally a very safe  procedure. Adverse events  are mild and include flu-like symptoms  (fever) and injection site reaction (skin rash). (Sanchez et al., 2021;  Boudewijns  et al. 2016; Zhang et al. 2015).  

• Contraindications 

VAXO-Q-RE cell therapy is not recommended in the following cases:  

– Chemo and radiotherapy – Suppression of the immune systems 

– Recent Blood transfusions- must wait a minimum of 100-120 days after blood transfusion – Active autoimmune diseases 

– Pregnancy

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