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What is UBI?


Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is a safe, effective and proven therapy used to treat a wide range of health problems. 

It is a safe procedure that must be performed by trained medical professionals using strict protocols. When performed properly, UBI is comfortable, safe and effective. UBI treats bacteria, viral and fungal infections and inactivates the toxins produced by bacteria and viruses.  For acute infections, frequent treatment may be necessary initially. 

How is a UBI performed?

First, we insert a needle in a vain in your arm and remove 60cc (less than half a cup) of blood. This blood goes into a sterile container. We add an anticoagulant in your blood to stop it from clotting.

The blood goes from the sterile container to a sterile tube made of quartz, called a “cuvette”. We then set the cuvette in the UBI machine. Your blood goes into the cuvette and passes through an ultraviolet light that has a specific frequency. The whole system is closed and airtight.

The blood then flows out of the cuvette, back into the IV and finally, back into your body in the same vein from which it was drawn. 

When your treatment is done, you may leave the health center. UBI will not interfere with your ability to drive.

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UBI The Cure that Time Forgot(pdf)

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