5 Pass Ozone UBI

5 pass ozone is a very potent and intensive type of ozone treatment that  goes deeper into the body and is more effective at eliminating Lyme disease pathogens than standard intravenous ozone. It was created by an Austrian gynecologist named Dr. Johann Lahodny, and is also called the Lahodny or Zotzmann method, or Ozone High Dose Therapy.

In the 5 pass ozone treatment,  blood is drawn from the patient and mixed with ozone, which has the effect of killing microbes and cleansing the blood. The blood draw-infusion process is done five times; hence the term “5 pass” and takes 2-3 hours. The amount of ozone supplied to the body is higher than a regular ozone treatment, and heparin is given to the patient to keep the blood from coagulating. The blood is then reinserted back into the patient. A 5 pass ozone treatment supplies nearly 50 times the amount of ozone of a regular intravenous ozone treatment.

In summary, because the 5 pass method of ozone administration provides a greater amount of ozone to the body, in a shorter amount of time, it better saturates the red blood cells with oxygen, which allows it to penetrate deeper and greater areas of the body. Some practitioners contend that it can even eliminate cyst forms of the Lyme disease organism, the main causative agent of Lyme disease relapses.

Dr. Lahodny, the developer of the ten-pass method, recommends up to daily administrations of high dose ozone for up to a month for certain diseases. However, a person who is highly infected with Lyme disease organisms may not be able to tolerate this much therapy. Some other practitioners may give their patients as little as one treatment per week. So far, anecdotal reports from patients and practitioners indicate that those that have gone into remission from high dose ozone therapy have needed anywhere from about 10-30 treatments.

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