Chelation Therapy

What is EDTA Chelation?

EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid) is a synthetic amino acid which has the ability to attach itself to metals and minerals, forming a particular kind of bond called a chelate. Heavier metals such as lead have a greater affinity for EDTA and form stronger bonds.

EDTA chelation therapy has been used by physicians for more than forty years to treat a number of conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetic arterial disease, decreased mental function  from vascular disease and intermittent claudication (leg pain on exercise). it is also used as preventive medicine. 

EDTA Chelation therapy involves the intravenous infusions of EDTA over a course of treatments. Chelation therapy patients are also generally advised to take a comprehensive approach to their treatment and health, including, as needed, diet, exercise, stress management programs and dietary supplements. 

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