Colon Hydrotherapy



The Colon Hydrotherapy Spa at Florida Integrative Medical Center is your Colonics specialist in the Sarasota Florida area. Colonics are the only proven way to gently purify and cleanse your large intestine.

Our spa specializes in addressing many issues that often go mistreated. Colon Hydrotherapy can quickly renew and recharge your health!

80% off ALL disease stems from an unhealthy colon, including fatigue, constipation, colds, flu, recurring headaches, weight gain and even depression.

If you suffer from ANY of these health concerns YOU need to get your colon cleansed and rejuvenate your body to restore health and vitality!

Colon health is something few people actually think about. They should. Not only can colon health problems make you miserable, but one colon disease in particular - colon cancer - is known as one of the "silent killer diseases" because you rarely know you have it until the later stages when treatment is much more difficult.

To understand more about colon health, you need reliable colon health info - what the colon is and what it does.

Where is your colon? The colon is an tube-like organ in the abdominal cavity. In humans and other mammals, it is comprised of several parts: the ascending colon, transverse colon, the descending colon, and the sigmoid colon. For descriptive purposes, it is sometimes also divided into right colon and left colon.

How does the colon work? The colon's major function is to store solid wastes that have passed through the rest of the stomach and intestines. It also reclaims water from waste material that passes through it, and absorbs some vitamins, including vitamin K. When these functions are impaired, colon health problems result.

There are a number of diseases, conditions and problems that affect colon health. Schedule your colonic today and rejuvenate your health!

Diane Kirchin L.M.T., C.T.

Diane is a licensed massage therapist from New Zealand trained in England, Hawaii and America. She is a member of the London County Society of Physiologists and served on the education board for massage therapy in New Zealand where she was also President of the Massage Institute of New Zealand in Wellington.

Diane owned her own school and massage clinic in New Zealand and has been in the health care industry for over 20 years. She was trained in Colon Hydrotherapy in Hawaii in 1966. Since then she has worked in clinics in Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Florida.

To schedule a Colonic with Diane, please call (941) 586-5478