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Florida Integrative Medical Center Patient, Prince Matharu

My name is Lori and I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme in April, 2007. After my initial diagnosis, I was fortunate to be given 2 months of Doxycycline. I went into remission until 2010 at which time, I sought the attention of a wonderful Lyme Literate professional. For 11 months, my LLMD had me on numerous supplements along with a cocktail of multiple antibiotics and went back into remission on and off. However, this cost me well over $20,000.00.

I had a lesion on my brain in 2016 and had to go back on Doxy for over a year then in and out of remission and on and off the Doxy over and over again until 2019. The same symptoms came back every time, and always with vengeance.

My primary symptoms were IBS, severe joint pain, brain fog/memory issues, itchy skin, eye floaters, light sensitivity, ringing in my ears, loss of hair, insomnia, hot/cold flashes, anxiety, depression and utter fatigue. After my Dad passed in 2019, my symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks so I began researching for new treatments for Lyme or possible cures. I checked into multiple different treatments but they all had some sort of side effect. Then, a fellow Lyme Warrior advised me to check out “S.O.T. For Lyme support group. I researched, asked questions and realized I found what I was looking for.

Florida Integrative Medical Center and Dr Monhollon were my choice for this amazing breakthrough. Supportive Oligonucleotide Thechnique/Therapy has given my life back to me. I received my first SOT for BB bacteria June 1, 2020. My second SOT was administered March 3, 2021. I’m currently 4 months post-SOT and completely negative for any sign of Borellia Burgdorferi Bacteria. More importantly, every symptom I tolerated for so many years are completely gone!
I’m back to powerwalking, going to the gym, gaining my muscle tone, enjoying sun-filled days without doxycycline, sleeping a regular schedule, renewal of friendships, no more IBS to worry about.

I had the floaters removed via Vitreolysis (laser), so my sight is 20/20 again without tons of floaters and no more light sensitivity. I owe my life’s enjoyment to the amazing people at FLIMC! I will recommend them to everyone and anyone that has hope in healing this dreadful life-stealing disease.


Thank you FLIMC and Dr Monhollon for giving me back my life!
Lori B.
Former Lyme Warrior

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