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FLIMC Patient Testimonial from Linda Beggs

I just want to thank the expert team at Florida Integrative Medical Center for their great care. I am living life to the fullest again! I had been sick for several years and my doctors back in Michigan didn”t know what it was. Last year as we drove to Florida for the winter. I was making arrangements for dying. By the time we arrived at our Florida home all my funeral plans were made.


That may seem morbid but I knew it would be happening soon. My husband, who just retired, cooked meals, cleaned and did all the shopping and I was so weak that I slept all the time. He spent his days trying to make me comfortable. After we arrived in Florida he found a Dr facility that he took me to about an hour away.


They thought I had Lyme’s disease but they insisted I needed a treatment package that would cost $28.000 and it would be the first of many treatment packages. We knew we couldn’t afford it.


So we prayed and he located Florida Integrative Medical Center. Dr. Monhollon was able to determine I had Lyme’s Diaease as well as several infections and parasites.

They drew my blood and sent it to Vibrant Labs. After a few weeks, the blood work returned describing the strains of Lymes and the co-infections that made me so sick. Dr. Monhollon explained that they didn’t sell packages’ and we were able to afford all the treatments he recommended. I immediately began infusions to strengthen me and blood was drawn for my first SOT.

Since it takes awhile for it to come back from Greece, they used this time for several EBOO treatments that made such a difference. That was my turning point. I went pleasure shopping for the first time and had hope for the first time.

I had a total of 3 SOT’s along with the EBOO’s. By April I was feeling really good.

Now it is mid November and I feel like a new person. I do many physical activities now on a regular basis and haven’t had a nap in months. My husband can’t keep up with me and he hasn’t had to cook, clean or grocery shop since last spring! We couldn’t be more happy !!! 

When I first arrived at Florida Integrative Medical Center I was hopeless. Now I have my life back! 

Thanks for all of the meticulous expert care I received. All the staff was so friendly and supportive. I just can’t thank them enough. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you again for everything!

Linda Beggs

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